Car Anti Slip Sticky Mat DashBoard

Car Anti Slip Sticky Mat Dash Board Mobile Phone Keys Sat Nav Gadget H


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100% brand new and high quality.

Secure mobile phones, coins, sunglasses, MP3 Players,ipods and satnav on any unpainted dashboard, with the new and improved Hand stands’ sticky pad.

Designed to prevent slipping and sliding, the Sticky Pad is the perfect accessory to complement the dash, and secure all hand held devices.

This unique automotive accessory is sure to accommodate any vehicle interior.

Simple to use and easy to clean, the patented material is washable, removable and reusable.

Compatible with all vehicles, the Sticky Pad not only provides easy access to automotive essentials, but also promotes safe driving .

Holds Objects on Dash.

Clings to Any Car Dash.

Washable, Removable, Reusable .

Temperature Resistant .


Size: 14.5 x 8cm (L x W)

color:1 X Black.


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